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British Honey Company spirits have triumphed at The Spirits Business and the drinks business autumn blind tasting winning a total of 11 awards across its numerous drinks’ brands.

Assessed by a panel of leading industry experts, including top mixologists, British Honey Company brands have been named as some of the best in the world, receiving one Gold Medal and 10 Silver Medals.

BHC Commercial Director, Oliver Williams, said: “We are thrilled to have received so many medals in the autumn tasting and are particularly delighted that our English Heritage Elderflower & Rose Gin was deemed gold-worthy.

“It was also pleasing to see our Hard Seltzers score so highly for their natural flavours, especially as this is a new range for us within an emerging and dynamic drinks category.”

Judges awarded the English Heritage Elderflower & Rose Gin a Gold for its ‘nice balance between the highly floral and gentler notes’ while silver awards went to all three of our hard seltzers for their ‘delicate’ flavour and ‘natural feel’.

From Keepr’s spirits and low alcohol offerings to our English Heritage and Dodd’s Gin brands, here are all our winners with their tasting notes:

English Heritage Elderflower & Rose Gin
Gold Medal

A gentle floral flavoured gin, inspired by the rich narrative of English Heritage.

Taste: Heady scent of rose melts into the subtle sweetness of elderflower, beautifully balanced with the pine notes of juniper.

Signature serve: Elderflower & Rose Spritz

English Heritage St Clement’s Gin
Silver Medal

This refreshingly citrus gin is the second of our English Heritage gins to receive an award, with success all round for this collection.

Taste: Bittersweet citrus notes from orange and lemon burst into more traditional notes of juniper on the lengthy finish.

Signature serve: St Clement’s Cooler

Keepr’s British Elderberry, Mulberry & Honey Gin
Silver Medal

A classic London Dry Gin infused with British elderberries, mulberries and 100% British honey from our own hives which really comes into its own in the autumn and winter months.

Taste: Reminiscent of blackberry and apple pie with hints of Parma Violets.

Signature serve: Berry Punch

Keepr’s British Raspberry & Honey Gin
Silver Medal

A classic London Dry Gin infused with British raspberries and 100% British honey from our own hives made for the summertime.

Taste: Ripe raspberries with a slightly tart flavour, balancing the faint honey sweetness.

Signature serve: With Champagne or Prosecco

Dodd’s Organic Gin
Silver Medal

A bold, juniper-forward gin with sublime top notes and a strong ABV.

Taste: Full juniper flavours are balanced with bay leaf and infused with cardamom spice, fresh raspberry leaf and subtle honey sweetness. 

Signature serve: G&T

Keepr’s Smoked Honey Bourbon
Silver Medal

A sweet and smoky take on a classic bourbon, distilled and aged in Florida before being finished at our distillery in Buckinghamshire. Here we infuse it with our signature 100% raw honey, which has been locally smoked.

Taste: Lively spice that melts into a smooth mixture of fresh and dried fruit. Oak spice, vanilla and caramel notes.

Signature serve: Bourbon Old Fashioned

Keepr’s Honey Spiced Rum
Silver Medal

Triple distilled Florida rum, infused with mixed spices and British Honey from our hives.

Taste: Mixed spice with vanilla, cinnamon and honeyed sweetness.

Signature serve: with ginger beer and a slice of lime

Keepr’s Passionfruit & Elderflower Hard Seltzer
Silver Medal

Natural elderflower and passionfruit flavours blended with small batch vodka, sparkling water and British honey. 

Taste: Fragrant elderflower and tangy passionfruit. Lightly sweet.

Signature serve: with slices of red apple and mint.

Keepr’s Pomegranate & Rose Hard Seltzer
Silver Medal

Natural rose and pomegranate flavours blended with small batch vodka, sparkling water and British honey. 

Taste: Floral rose and deep red wine accents of pomegranate.

Signature serve: with strawberries and basil

Keepr’s Pear & Ginger Hard Seltzer
Silver Medal

Natural pear and ginger flavours blended with small batch vodka, sparkling water and British honey. 

Taste: Sweet poached pear and warming spicy ginger.

Signature serve: with raspberries and lime

Keepr’s Ultra Low Alcohol G&T Flavoured Drink
Silver Medal

The high botanical content of this low alcohol G&T makes it just as good as the real thing. Natural quinine delivers the distinct flavour of a classic gin and tonic.

Taste: Combines the complexity of juniper and citrus for a clean, crisp taste.

Signature serve: over ice with a wedge of lime and sliced fresh ginger

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