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Banish that inner voice telling you you’re not great with words. You don’t have to be Shakespeare or Stormzy to deliver a killer line. Here’s some of the best messages which have been imprinted on our spirits to inspire your creativity.

When your intentions are of the amorous kind

Our honey gin is the most popular when people want to profess their love, with ‘Will you…Bee Mine?’ and ‘Always Bee Mine’ chosen the most often as people’s personalised quotes. Whether it’s the play on words or the unmistakable love that bees have for their honey that makes it a romantic favourite, people are certainly buzzing to show their love on a bottle of our honey gin. Top for us has to be this one though, which made our hearts melt:

‘You’re a keeper
And my Queen bee’
Personalised raspberry and honey gin

When you’re gifting to a gin fan

You only have to put the hashtag #gin into Instagram to see how much some people love their gin. If you know a self-professed gin fan, one way to brighten their day is to gift them a bottle of gin with an ode to their favourite tipple. Just Google ‘Gin Quotes’ for inspiration and you’ll find loads of great ideas, such as GIN, It’s a YES from me, You’re the gin to my tonic and When life gives you lemons, add gin. The one we love the most, however, has to be this personalised message which has popped up a few times on our bottles and which is great for birthday gifts:

 Let the fun beGIN

Keepr's 1606 personalised gin


When personalisation literally means using their name

Simple messages are often the most effective and when you make it about the person you are giving the gift to, it can have an immediate impact. Let them know that this gift is for them, and them only, by combining a simple message with a name. ‘Fiona’s Gin’, ‘Richard’s Rum’, ‘Victoria’s Vodka’ or ‘Louise’s Gin, Hand’s Off’ ensures everyone else knows that this is one treat where you have to ask first before you try and share. Our favourite has to be this one on a Christmas gift of our gin, which combines the recipient’s name with a fun instruction:

Mary’s Christmas Gin
Take 1 glass a day for max enjoyment
Mint chocolate vodka liqueur personalised

When you want to mark a significant date

A bespoke bottle of spirits with the date of the recipient’s special occasion is something that they can keep and enjoy in the years to come. Whether that is the date of their wedding, anniversary or to mark a retirement or milestone birthday. All you need is the date and a short message, such as:

Celebrating 10 years
Personalised salted caramel vodka

More personalisation ideas

1. Have a motivational message like ‘Do Your Thing’ or ‘You Got This’.
2. Use a quote from a book or song that means something to the recipient.
3. Search Pinterest for loads of inspiration if you get stuck.

Browse our personalised spirits here. There is no extra charge for personalisation and all the labels are handprinted by ourselves.

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