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KEEPR's honey gin

“It was important to us that when people saw the KEEPR’s bottle that they made that instant connection between our spirits and our beekeeping heritage.”

– Stuart Fritz, KEEPR’s Commercial Director

KEEPR’s has been championing British beekeeping since 2014, infusing its range of gin, rum and bourbon with 100% pure British honey. At the heart of the brand is a commitment to provenance and bee conservation and the new KEEPR’s bottle is a visual celebration of that hive to bottle story, interwoven into its spirits and now its design.

“We have worked hard to ensure that the bottle design and messaging on the bottle reflects our core values of provenance, sustainability and affordable luxury,” explains KEEPR’s Commercial Director, Stuart Fritz.

“The shape, look and feel, and colours were carefully selected to represent the natural ingredients in our spirits, and we have moved to lighter weight bottle made with around 50 per cent recycled glass and recycled paper stock for the label, which are small but significant steps forward in our efforts to become more sustainable.”

Elements of the new bottle design
KEEPR’s worked closely with Sip Studio on the design with the spirits themselves being the influence behind its creation. The hexagonal pattern on the lower half of the bottle pays homage to the honey infused into the spirits, while the tapered shape reflects the tail of a honeybee. Along with the hive to bottle message on the neck, these design elements have been incorporated to establish the connection between the spirits, beehives, and bees themselves.

“Our spirits are intrinsically linked to the natural environment, and we now feel that we have a bottle which not only showcases that in its look but also in some of the materials we have used,” Stuart adds. “As a business, we are taking action to reduce our environmental impact and this activity is part of our strategy to minimise our carbon footprint and to make more purposeful connections through our brands that have ties to nature conservation. Our heartland is the Home Counties – some of the most beautiful countryside in England – and it’s our responsibility to give back more than we take wherever possible.”

British bottle manufacturers Allied Glass made the KEEPR’s bottle with standard flint, of which approximately 50% is recycled glass. To create the unique shape of the bottle, a mould was made which incorporated all the elements, including the honeycomb effect. A lump, or ‘gob’ of glass is dropped into this cast iron mould at a temperature of around 1500 degrees Celsius before being blown into the bottle shape.

KEEPR's honey infused spiced rum

While the bottle has been given an upgrade, the KEEPR’s spirits themselves are still the same award-winning recipes that make them unique, except for the Honey Infused Spiced Rum which has been reworked to a new blend of botanicals, including the addition of mandarin, lime, orange, rooibos tea, carob bean, red pepper, orris and dialling up the honey for a fiery but sweet and earthy taste.

Explore the KEEPR’s range of gin, rum and bourbon

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