From the smooth and ultimately pure taste of 1606 Vodka to the flavoured vodkas of Two Birds, our versatile collection is excellent served simply over ice or mixed beautifully into cocktails. A wheat-based spirit, the award-winning 1606 Vodka is passed through 18 distillation plates with spring water, tasting superbly clean on the palate and offering exceptional value for its price. In contrast, at the base of Two Birds flavoured vodkas is an English vodka made with barley and sugar beet, which has been infused with intriguing flavours such as exotic passion fruit or decadently rich salted caramel. Whether you decide to keep it classic or explore some of our sensational flavours, our craft vodkas offer a tempting alternative to the traditional.

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Two Birds Salted Caramel English Vodka 37.5%VOL

TWO BIRDS SALTED CARAMEL ENGLISH VODKA 37.5% VOL Impress dinner guests with a glass of liquid gold. We've infused our English Vodka with richly decadent caramel and just a hint of sea...
From £14.00 To £34.00
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Two Birds After Dinner Mint & Vodka 29%VOL

TWO BIRDS AFTER DINNER MINT & VODKA 29% VOL Our English Vodka is infused with notes of rich chocolate and refreshing peppermint for the perfect dinner party finisher. A thoughtful...
£14.00 £7.00
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Two Birds Passion Fruit Vodka 29%VOL

TWO BIRDS PASSION FRUIT VODKA 29% VOL Harnessing the unmistakably tropical flavour of passion fruit, this infused English Vodka is a summery choice. Great served over ice or with mixers...
From £14.00 To £34.00
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Two Birds Cherry, Almond & English Vodka 29%VOL

TWO BIRDS CHERRY, ALMOND & ENGLISH VODKA 29% VOL Together, cherries and almonds offer an iconic flavour combination. Teamed with our crisp English Vodka, the result is a sweetly aromatic...
From £14.00 To £34.00
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Two Birds English Vodka 40%VOL

TWO BIRDS ENGLISH VODKA 40% VOL Handcrafted in the countryside, our English Vodka is distilled from barley and sugar beet, resulting in a smooth and delicate taste on the palate....
From £14.00 To £34.00
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Two Birds Espresso & Vodka 29%VOL

TWO BIRDS ESPRESSO & VODKA 29% VOL Developed in collaboration with local artisan coffee company 'Two Chimps', this rich Espresso is made using slow roasted arabica beans which are cold...
From £16.00 To £36.00
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MINT CHOCOLATE VODKA LIQUEUR 26%VOL Delicious chocolate and mint-infused vodka-based liqueur. With smooth milk chocolate and refreshing British mint, this is perfect in cocktails, on desserts or as an after-dinner...
From £5.00 To £34.00
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Espresso Vodka Distiller's Cut 40%VOLOur Premium British Vodka has been infused with carefully selected Guatemalan coffee beans known for their full-bodied and rich flavour. Deep roasted bass with a balanced...
From £5.00 To £37.50

Two Birds Festive 20cl Gift Box

TWO BIRDS GIFT SET This pack contains: 20cl TWO BIRDS AFTER DINNER MINT & VODKA 29% VOL Our English Vodka is infused with notes of rich chocolate and refreshing peppermint for...
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Two Birds Christmas Spices & Vodka 32%VOL

TWO BIRDS CHRISTMAS SPICES & VODKA 32% VOL Our superb English Vodka infused for three days with a blend of Christmas spices ~ nutmeg, cinnamon, star anise and a whole...
From £17.00 To £40.00
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Two Birds Raspberry Vodka 26%VOL

TWO BIRDS RASPBERRY VODKA 26% VOL Quintessentially British, this sweet spirit is crafted by taking our crisp English Vodka and infusing it with juicy raspberries that have been freshly picked...
From £14.00 To £34.00