Join our taste testing panel and try out new products

Calling all gin fans, experts, connoisseurs…whatever you want to call yourselves….we are looking for people who enjoy...

Keepr's spirits awarded at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Celebrations after we pick up silver and bronze medals There was success for both Keepr’s entries at this most respec...

Inside the hives: What our honeybees are up to this Spring

Buzzing bees, colourful spring blooms and buds on the trees all mean one thing – Spring. Hidden away in our hives, ou...

The best bars and hotels where you can sip a Keepr's in style

If you are a true fan of Keepr’s or simply a drinks artisan, then you’ll love our guide to some of the best bars and ...

Our top 5 gifts for Mother's Day 2019

Mother’s Day may be the one time of the year that mums everywhere actually get to relax (well we hope so!), so to hel...

Recipe: The Honey Gin Buck cocktail

The soothing flavours of the Honey Gin Buck will get you through the winter months. A favourite of our award-winning ...

Why our honey is better for you and better for the planet

Chances are if you’ve had a sore throat or a nasty cold, you’ve turned to honey to ease your symptoms. The health ben...

The Gin To My Tonic Festival Watford Giveaway

Join us at The Gin To My Tonic Festival Watford and try our handcrafted gins flavoured with the finest British honey ...
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