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Our Classic London Dry Gin has been carefully distilled with only the finest botanicals to create a superb infusion with 100% unadulterated British honey. This award-winning gin has a delicate...
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KEEPR's Smoked Honey Infused Bourbon - 40% vol

Our bourbon, matured for a minimum of 18 months in the United States is further aged for six months in first-fill bourbon casks at our UK distillery to intensify the...
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Smoked Honey Bourbon 40% Vol

SMOKED HONEY BOURBON 40%VOL Bourbon Distilled and aged in Florida by Master Distiller Edie Zurita, using his 35 years of expertise and knowledge. The bourbon is aged for 18 months...
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KEEPR's Classic British Honey Infused London Dry Gin - 40% vol

The original KEEPR's honey infused spirit made with our expertly distilled Classic London Dry Gin and finished with 100% pure British honey for a delicately sweet twist to this quintessential...
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KEEPR's Honey Infused Spiced Rum - 40% vol

This new recipe is an exquisite blend of aged Caribbean rums enriched with warming spices before being finished at our UK distillery with 100% pure British honey. Appearance: Clear, golden amber. Tasting notes:...
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Espresso Vodka Distiller's Cut 40%VOLOur Premium British Vodka has been infused with carefully selected Guatemalan coffee beans known for their full-bodied and rich flavour. Deep roasted bass with a balanced...
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Dodds Explorer's Citrus & Spice Organic Gin 40%Vol

DODDS EXPLORER’S CITRUS & SPICE ORGANIC GIN 40%VOL Dodd’s Explorers Citrus & Spice Organic Gin 40%Vol 50cl A quintessentially organic British gin distilled with unique and rare peppercorns from the...
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Two Birds Apple Bourbon Liqueur 40% Vol

Our NEW Apple Bourbon liqueur is a smooth and mellow spirit infused with crisp English apple and a touch of cinnamon spice. Made with bourbon matured for a minimum of 18...
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Winter Spiced British Honey & Vodka 28%Vol

Premium English Vodka is left for a few days to infuse with a blend of mixed spices, cloves, dried fruit, cinnamon, and nutmeg and 100% British Honey. This festive spiced...
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Ballykeefe Poitin 70cl

Ballykeefe Poitín recaptures that rebellious legacy, by winning a Master Class award, at the Global Spirit Masters 2018. An Award, normally reserved for the rarest and finest aged spirits, putting...