Matured in ex-bourbon casks producing Tusmore Single Malt, Single Estate Whiskey.

Our whiskey is truly a story of ‘field to barrel’ which begins with the barley fields at the Tusmore Estate, surrounded by our 40 beehives on the privately owned, 3,000 acre Estate, in Oxfordshire. Once harvested, this barley is malted before being transferred to our partner distillery in Ireland, where the malted barley is milled, mashed and fermented under the supervision of our Master Distiller. Using his palate and experience to cut the spirit precisely during distillation ensuring the high quality resulting in our award-winning new make spirit.

Kilkenny, the location of Ballykeefe Distillery, is known as the birthplace of Irish Whiskey. It was here that the first record of whiskey production was recorded in 1324 in the Red Book of Ossory, a medieval manuscript that states even the black death didn’t stop the distilling.

Our New Make Spirit is created using the traditional Irish, triple copper pot still method, being recognised for creating a deliciously smooth and clean spirit. With an interest in the environment, the pot ale and the distillery grain that is left over after the production of the spirit is fed to the cattle at Ballykeefe Farm on the distillery site, thus reducing waste. Finally, the spirit is returned to our Oxfordshire distillery for maturation.

All our casks are bespoke and will follow an individual path of maturation and therefore each offers a unique example of Tusmore Single Malt whiskey. Under the watchful eye of our Master Distiller, each cask is matured on the country estate. After three years, the spirit officially is regarded as whiskey and ready to be enjoyed or can be stored for longer which will add further depth and complexity. We recommend storage of at least five years for it to be sampled at its best.

We are in the process of installing an Asset Tracking system. Your barrel will be tagged with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) location device which will allow us to track the position of your barrel at all times, signal alerts should your barrel move or leave the premises. This system will be integrated with our software and combined with our unique traceability system.

Cask purchases are conducted through The British Honey Company. For more information and full terms and conditions please contact kenza@britishhoney.com.

Purchases of barrels are subject to The British Honey Company standard whiskey production and storage terms and conditions agreement being signed

For enquiries, please contact Kenza@britishhoney.com


Our Rye Whiskey has the distinction of being the first whiskey distilled in London since the closure of the Lea Valley Distillery in the early 1900s.

Made with Warminster rye grain, this twice-distilled whiskey was laid down on October 31, 2014 and rested in New English Oak barrels.

LV-1767 has a bottle strength of 54.3% and aromas of chocolate and lightly roasted coffee, followed by banana and pear notes, with a hint of apple mint to finish. On the palate, rich cinnamon and stewed peaches complement the beeswax note from the oak. The finish is a lingering white pepper spice, dark cherry and a hint of macadamia.


Double-distilled using 100% premium Plummage Archer malt and 1920s Distiller and Whitbread B yeast, this single malt whiskey has a cask strength of 63.5% and was laid down on the September 9, 2015 and rested in 20-litre American oak - ex-Kings County Bourbon - barrels.

Cask 109 boasts a mango and brioche aroma, with raspberry jam and candied orange notes. On the palate it offers intriguing, natural taste tones of heavy wood spice.



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