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Fruit Infused Spirits

English Strawberry & lavender Gin 37.5% Vol
APPEARANCE: Clear, red berry 
Tasting: Light, clean palate of fresh strawberries with delicate notes of floral lavender.

English Raspberry & Honey Gin 37.5% Vol
APPEARANCE: Clear, red berry 
Tasting: Ripe raspberries with a slightly tart flavour, balancing faint honey sweetness.

Cotswold Honey Spiced Rum 37.5% Vol 
APPEARANCE: Clear, golden amber 
Tasting: Tightly packed mixed spice with vanilla, cinnamon and honeyed sweetness. Woody flavour adds complexity and structure.

British Honey & Salted Caramel English Vodka 37.5% Vol 
APPEARANCE: Clear, mid golden amber
Tasting: Slightly salty with good toffee flavour and buttery honey sweetness.

English Apple & Honey Vodka 37.5% Vol
APPEARANCE: Clear, apple green 
Tasting: Crisp Russet apple flavour, fresh tasting with a light honey finish.

After Dinner Mint & English Vodka 26% Vol    SPIRIT DRINK
APPEARANCE: Tawny brown
Tasting: Dark chocolate and crushed mint leaves. Replicates After Eight Minty Chocolate.

Christmas  Spiced  Cotswold Honey & English Vodka 28% Vol    SPIRIT DRINK
APPEARANCE: Tawny brown
Tasting: Spicy with cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, dried fruit and orange peel. Seasonally well balanced with a honey finish. Mince pie in a glass.
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