Product image 1Craft Gin tasting Gift Set with 5cl British gins, fever-tree mixers, and snacks
Product image 2Craft Gin tasting Gift Set with 5cl British gins, fever-tree mixers, and snacks in presentation box
Product image 3Craft Gin tasting Gift Set with 5cl British gins, fever-tree mixers, and snacks with gin and tonic in a glass

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Let us GIN-troduce you to our Craft Gin & Tonic Tasting Gift Set for a sophisticated flight of three British Honey Company gins – Dodd’s Organic Gin, English Heritage Victorian Spiced Gin and 1606 London Dry Gin. A delectable self-guided tasting session complete with olives, pretzels, nuts & chocolates.

1606 Gin 40%ABV 5cl
A London Dry Gin single batch distilled using the finest grain spirit and blended with seven classic botanicals of juniper berries, coriander, angelica seed, orris root, liquorice root, lemon peel and bitter orange peel for a superb lingering citrus and spice finish.

Dodds Organic Dry Gin 49.9%ABV 5cl
Dodd’s Gin is a bold, juniper-forward gin with sublime top notes. The lion’s share of its organic ingredients are distilled in our traditional alembic copper still while the more delicate botanicals are reserved for our state-of-the-art cold vacuum still. The two spirits are then married for several weeks before being bottled.

English Heritage Victorian Spiced Gin 40%ABV 5cl
To say Victorians loved gin is an understatement. It became for the first time a drink of respectable society, sparking an explosion in gin cocktail inventions including the gin and tonic.
Distilled using traditional methods in our copper pot still, this Victorian Spiced Gin is inspired by gin's great 19th-century revival. We have blended 16 botanicals to create a dazzling drink worthy of the finest Victorian gin palace. Fresh bursts of juniper, citrus and florals are finished off with hints of black tea and warming spice – it is the perfect match for a seasonal cocktail. 

3 x Fever-Tree Light Indian Tonic Water 200ml
A delicious reduced calorie tonic water. using fruit sugars. Subtle botanical flavours with spring water and quinine of the highest quality, it has the distinctive clean, crisp character of our Premium Indian Tonic Water but with 46% fewer calories.

Gnaw Milk Chocolate Buttons 150g
Indulge in Gnaw's bite-sized buttons of smooth and tasty milk chocolate! Perfect for any occasion but so tasty will you be able to share them? Great to squirrel away and keep for when a chocolate craving comes along.
Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavouring (natural vanilla).

Milk chocolate contains cocoa solids min 34%, milk solids min 22%. May contain traces of gluten, milk, peanuts, soya, sulphites and tree nuts.

Ollys Garlic & Basil Olive Snack Pouch 50g
In the green corner, weighing in at only 75 calories per pouch… It’s our Garlic & Basil Olive Snack Pouches! A classic marinade that is a fave among all olive lovers.
Ingredients: Green Olives, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Basil, Garlic Powder.

Ollys Sea Salted Mixed Nuts Pouch 35g 
Natural nutty simplicity at its finest. Jumbo peanuts, cashews and almonds… Baked in our unique blends… Lightly salted… Straight in your mouth. Happy (& nutty) days!
Ingredients: Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds, Salt, Sunflower Oil.

Ollys Salted Pretzels 35g
These original salted pretzel thins are oven-baked, vegan and only 95 calories per pack.
Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Water, Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Malt Extract, Salt, Soya Lecithin, Sodium Bicarbonate.
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