The British Honey Company and List Distillery saw a unique opportunity to join forces in order to be able to cross the seas and bring the world each of their one of a kind, handcrafted spirits. List Distillery has been able to provide BHC with their specially crafted rum and bourbon for BHC to be able to create their award-winning Honey Spiced Rum and Smoked Honey Bourbon. BHC has also been able to provide List with their highly coveted London Dry Gin, that List will be able to offer in the States under the new 1606 brand, giving an ode to the gin's unique English heritage and this newfound partnership!


List Distillery is the first small-batch craft distillery in Fort Myers, Florida, and is home to Mr. Tom's Spirits, a line of one-of-a-kind, naturally infused products. List prides themselves on creating delectable spirits using all locally sourced, natural ingredients. Their vast product range includes vodka, gin, rum, bourbon, whiskey and cream liqueurs. This diverse portfolio also includes the United States’ first certified 100% sugar-free and gluten-free vodka, as well as the world's only certified 100% sugar free and gluten-free gin.

Owners, Thomas and Renate List founded the company in 2015. After being in the restaurant industry for many years, Renate decided she wanted to get back to her roots. Being a part of the Bauer Dynasty, an Austrian family, very well known for its success in distilling as well as for creating many successful worldwide brands, one being Jägermeister. Thomas and Renate were able to combine both their passion and knowledge of old-world craft distilling with innovative ideas to produce unique flavors and memorable experiences.

List’s 6,000 sqft. facility houses a 500-litre 8 plated column still, one 1,000-litre still, 1 mash ton, as well as three fermentation tanks and two 2,000 litre holding tanks. Along with their 8 plated still, that allows them to execute more distillation runs in a more efficient time frame, they also use a unique charcoal filtration process. This process assists in the extraction of all extra inpurity’s competitors leave behind, which makes their products exceptionally smooth and palatable. They are best known for their highly rated Sugar-Free Vodka, as well as their unique flavours of Rum, Bourbon & Whiskey.

List Distillery
3680 Evans Avenue, Suite A
Fort Myers, Florida, 33901
+1 (239) 208-7214
Instagram: @mrtomsspirits
Twitter: @ListDistillery
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