Our customised still has been specially designed in Italy to cater for all our needs. Fully automatic, our still has an intelligent management system to control all aspects of the entire distillation process including alcoholic strength. This helps to guarantee a high quality product.

The still is importantly named Ada after the Founders late Mother in Law. Ada, is a Hand crafted 1000 litre still, and is the only one of its type in the world.
Based around the combination still we have incorporated a 60 litre infusion chamber for our carefully selected botanicals. This allows us to extract the purest of essential oils and flavour compounds to create our unique artisan gins and infused spirits.

At The British Honey Company we work hard to reduce our carbon foot print where we can. For this reason we have opted for our still is powered by 4 electric heating rods. This is a clean heat source and greatly reduces our omissions to the environment. The majority of stills are currently using oil and gas which is not good for our environment.

We have added 2 Bespoke copper columns  to our still, allowing us to distill our spirit up to 18 times on each pass. Multiple distillations are critical for creating the purest spirits. Spirits pass over the plates to take away any ‘off’ flavours and bitter tasting alcohol types, whilst improving the purity of the spirit being distilled. 

Our still and columns are made from copper, helping to remove sulphates and phosphates from the finished product giving our products a sublime smoothness that will surprise and delight the palate.

To find out more about our still, spirits or to arrange to meet with us please email info@britishhoney.com
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