Meet the Team

Alexandre Maurice : Director of Operations

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Keepr's Lemon and Pepper Distiller's Special Edition served with Fever-tree Elderflower and garnish with lemon


Brooke Williams : Director of Marketing

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Prosecco with a splash of Keepr's Raspberry and Honey Gin


Caroline Williams : Accounts

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Ultra Low Alcohol Gin & Tonic served with ice & a slice


Alice Meng : Biochemist

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Keepr’s Raspberry and Honey Gin in a hi-ball glass over ice topped with apple juice and elderflower pressé served with a slice of apple


Emma Mundy : Sales Account Manager

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Raspberry and Honey Gin served with Tonic and a slice of grape fruit


Nikky Wall : Sales Manager

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Honey Spiced Rum, ginger beer and fresh lime.


Matt Soar : Sales Account Manager

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Keepr's Honey Spiced Rum with Ginger Ale and lots of fresh lime


Kenza El Arabi : Brand Ambassador

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Raspberry gin in Champagne and fresh raspberries: 5 stars

Owen Jenkins : Distillery Manager

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Lemon and Pepper Gin with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and lime


Richard Birch : Software Engineer

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Lemon & Pepper Gin with Fever Tree Indian Tonic and a slice of lemon

Julian Harrison : Business Analyst

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Keepr’s Dark Rum, crushed ginger & orange soda

Paul Gray and Chris Rickell : Beekeeper's & Logistics

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Keepr's Honey Gin on the rocks

Marzio Di Rocco : Head Distiller

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Smoked honey bourbon with ginger ale or lemon and pepper with tonic and a slice of lemon

Oliver Williams : Commercial Director

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Keepr's Apple and Honey Vodka served with Ginger Ale garnish with Lime.

Lauren Tripp : Assistant Distillery Manager

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Keepr's Honey Spiced Rum and Fever Tree's Madagascan Cola served with a Lime Wedge

April Howie : Brand/ Marketing Executive

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Keepr’s Green Tea & British Honey Gin with Ice and a slice of Lemon

Cindy Boileau : Accounts Assistant

Keepr's Favourite Serve : Keepr’s Salted Caramel & Honey Vodka served with ice

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