Hard Seltzers

For a refreshing way to enjoy Keepr’s on the go, dive into our collection of three fruit-flavoured Hard Seltzers. Made with 100% natural ingredients, our finest craft vodka and a... Read More

What are hard seltzers?

Hard seltzers, also known as spiked seltzers or alcoholic sparkling waters, are a relatively new phenomenon, gaining huge popularity initially in the US between 2018-19, with an increasing demand now seen in the UK. Made with carbonated water, alcohol (on average around 4/5% volume) and often fruit flavours, hard seltzers are ready to drink and have a calorie content at the lower end of the scale. Their name draws on the American word for sparkling water ‘seltzer’ and the ‘hard’ part refers to the inclusion of alcohol – the opposite of a ‘soft’ drink.

While alcoholic fizzy drinks were common in the 1990s, today’s hard seltzer style can be attributed to Nick Shields who developed the Spiked Seltzer in Connecticut, USA in 2013.

What kind of alcohol is in hard seltzers?

The type of alcohol used in hard seltzers varies according to the brand. Many have a base of fermented cane sugar, while others are made with flavoured malt beverages, grain spirits or wine. Keepr’s hard seltzers are made with a premium copper-pot distilled craft potato vodka, sparkling water, natural ingredients for the flavouring and a hint of honey from our hives for a touch of sweetness.

Why hard seltzers are a good option

First and foremost, hard seltzers are convenient. If you don’t want to spend your time mixing drinks at a party, BBQ or social gathering, but you want to give your guests an alternative to beer or wine, then they’re a great option. Fill a bucket with ice to keep the cans chilled and then your guests can help themselves. Similarly, when you are out and about, at a festival, or a picnic with friends, then hard seltzers are a refreshing and flavourful pre-mixed choice.

How to serve hard seltzers

Hard seltzers are meant to be uncomplicated and are designed to be enjoyed chilled straight out of the can, but if you want to personalise this sparkling beverage, then pour into a tall glass, add ice and garnish with the fruit and/or herb of your choice. They also make great mixers with other spirits for innovative twists on classic cocktails or as alternatives to tonic or soda in a gin and tonic.

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